Handmade Pasta with Michael Tusk
  1. Use 100 grams of flour per whole egg. For this demonstration, Tusk used 500 grams of flour and 5 eggs. To make the dough, mound the flour on a clean work surface and make a well in the middle, about the size of your fist. Crack the eggs into the well, then using a fork, begin carefully mixing small amounts of flour into the egg, working around the circumference of the well. Be careful not to break the side of the mound, or your eggs will leak out.
  2. As the flour is incorporated, the eggs will start to look like loose scrambled eggs. Continue incorporating flour until it forms a crumbly dough, then push aside any excess flour. Depending on the humidity in the air and the size of the eggs, you may not need all of the flour.
  3. Knead the dough by hand for 20 minutes. If you feel egg on your hand or if the dough sticks to the board, sprinkle with more flour. Once the dough is smooth and stiff, wrap in plastic wrap and let rest for one hour before shaping.
Recipe by The Taste Edit at https://thetasteedit.com/handmade-pasta-michael-tusk/