by chloedigital

Where do you like to shop for food?

We love to shop directly from farmers at the CUESA market on Saturday mornings. We fill out the rest of our weekly groceries from Rainbow Grocery, Water2Table Fish Company, and Olivier’s Butchery. For Italian wine, we love Biondivino Wine Boutique and stop by whenever we’re in the neighborhood. We also bring home a lot of items from traveling.

Do you make everything yourselves on The Taste Edit?

Yes. Unless we are at a restaurant or special event, we make everything featured in The Taste Edit kitchen located in San Francisco, unless we’re on location.

How did you start cooking?

Both of our mothers are great cooks and we’ve learned everything we know about cooking from them, and from reading, travel, and trial and error.

Who takes the photos?

We both do! When we go on location we like to have two cameras so we can get two different perspectives. If you're interested in hiring us for photography, please email us.

What kind of camera do you use?

We use a Leica M-P Typ 240 with a 35mm Leica Summilux lens and a  50mm Leica Summicron lens with a TAAB focus tab ring . We also use a Sony A7Rii with a Novoflex Adapter for Leica lenses. If you have questions about cameras or photography, email us.

How do you make money with your blog?

We provide easy access to some of our favorite ingredients, tools, and experiences. If you purchase a product through a link on The Taste Edit, we may share in the revenue from that purchase. Your purchases help us to continue providing the best culinary lifestyle content possible. We also collaborate with a number of brands and create editorial and commercial photography and consult for the travel and culinary industry.

Do you accept product samples?

While we are happy to accept unsolicited product samples for consideration, it is our policy not to photograph products from brands with which we do not have an established business relationship. To learn more about working with The Taste Edit, email us.

Can I use your Photos?

All photography on The Taste Edit and its associated social media accounts are the exclusive property of The Taste San Francisco, Inc., and may not be used, shared, or duplicated, digitally or in print, for any purpose, on any platform (including social media) without the prior written consent of The Taste San Francisco, Inc. This policy is strictly enforced. For questions about this policy, contact us.