Cookbook Gift Guide

Cookbooks are one of the best presents for both new and experienced home cooks. We love to flip through cookbooks for inspiration and to learn new techniques. These are just a few of our favorites and some that are on our Christmas list this year. We are certain they would make some of the best presents for the cook or food and wine lover in your life!

Don't try to separate Clayton from his SPQR cookbook! When we lived in Chicago, Clayton began cooking through it because we couldn't go to the restaurant that was all the way in San Francisco. Now that we live down the street, it's one of our favorite spots! We love everything that we've cooked from Polpo: A Venetian Cookbook of Sorts. The beautiful binding also makes it a perfect coffee table book.

Rancho Gordo's Heirloom Beans cookbook is a staple in our kitchen. There's everything from Mexican to Italian to Cuban included in this book and every recipe we've tried has been delicious (and affordable - great for weeknight meals). You can even order their beans online if you don't live in the Bay Area. Throw in an electric pressure cooker for the bean lover or vegetarian in your life. Trust us, these beans are so much more flavorful than your average beans.

Our cookbook collection seems to grow every year, but we still always love getting new ones. What are your favorite cookbooks? Do you have any on your Christmas list this year?

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