Italian Shrimp Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes

Italian shrimp pasta with cherry tomatoes and basil | #recipe #pasta #italian
If you loved our Bucatini Pasta Fish recipe, inspired by our time in Italy, you’ll love this shrimp pasta! It’s very similar, but uses shrimp instead of fish. Frozen shrimp can be found most everywhere in North America. Growing up in Florida, I took it for granted that we could always find fresh shrimp. Now that we live in California, we typically have a big bag in the freezer of individually quick frozen shrimp on hand, unless it’s prawn season - then we'll substitute huge, head-on live prawns!

Simple Orange Cake

We’ve been watching one of our favorite Italian chefs, Massimo Bottura and his family, who started an Instagram Live series called Kitchen Quarantine cooking from their home. It’s entertaining and educational. Bottura made his friend, Jean Francois Piege’s orange cake recipe for dessert this week. He topped it with vanilla whipped cream, blueberries, and strawberries. We decided to... Continue Reading