How to Choose the Best Seat at a Restaurant in Rome

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How do we choose our seat at a restaurant in Rome (if there’s a choice)? For the best seat at a restaurant in RomeI, we recommend sitting outside if the weather is nice. We learned to look for a strategic table location that’s not on the edge. Why? You would think the edge would be best, but sitting on the inside will create a barrier and keep you at a distance from people selling roses, asking for money, and pick pockets.

Don’t forget to check if the table is stable enough to sit at and eat without holding it up. With the cobblestones and uneven floors outside, sometimes you may need to ask the restaurant to stick something under the corner leg or choose a different table.

If there’s indoor dining, we always prefer to sit in a location where we can watch the kitchen, talk to the chef, and see the dishes coming out of the kitchen even before we order. If there’s a chefs counter – great – but this doesn’t seem to be the norm in Rome.

A few of our favorite restaurants in Rome include: