Pluot Bellini

It’s stone fruit season and the plums, cherries, and nectarines are in full swing. We picked up some juicy and delicious pluots from K&J Orchards at the farmers market, so we thought we’d make a twist on a classic Bellini. This version is richer and deeper in color than a classic Bellini made with white peaches.

The Taste Edit making a Pluot Bellini

Pluots look similar to plums, but they are a hybrid of plums and apricots. They are delicious! If you can’t find pluots, you can try using plums or any very ripe stone fruit. Ripe and sweet is what you want to use for this.

The Taste Edit uses plastic squeeze bottles when making cocktails like this pluot bellini.

First, we cut out the pits and blended the pluots whole (with skin) in our vitamix. It’s so powerful, it can blend the skin into a  smooth puree, which gives the drink a good color and texture. If you don’t have a high power blender like this you might want to consider peeling your fruit. We would recommend this particular peeler because it works better than normal peelers thin-skinned items like stone fruit or tomatoes due to it’s serrated blade.

Making a stone fruit pluot bellini cocktail

Completed Pluot Bellini recipe with prosecco by The Taste Edit

We stored our puree in these squeeze bottles in the refrigerator to chill. We used our Tiffany champagne flutes to serve, but we also like these, these, and these.

Put as much or as little as you’d like of the puree into the drink. It all depends on your taste. We recommend making a tester to get a good idea on the volume since your fruit might be more or less sweet. It also depends on which prosecco you use. In cooking, tasting is key!

Pluot Bellini
  • Prosecco
  • Pluot puree (or other stone fruit)
  1. Pour a glass of prosecco
  2. Add enough puree to your liking.

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