White Bean Crostini

The Taste Edit's italian appetizer that's vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free - white bean crostini
We love hummus (see our recipe here) and eat it almost every day, but for a recent Farm House dinner, we wanted an appetizer with an Italian twist. White Bean Crostini was a perfect fit. Not only is it substantial, but it’s vegan, vegetarian, and can be gluten-free (see option below). We started with a bag of... Continue Reading

Marcella Beans with Sausage and Beet Greens

We found beautiful beets from Dirty Girl Produce recently at the CUESA Farmer’s Market. We love purchasing beets whole because the tops are actually edible and a delicious substitute for other greens like kale or swiss chard. Most people aren’t concerned with how their beet tops look because they are just shopping for the bottom... Continue Reading