The Ultimate Rosé Cocktail

Cinc Elixir Rose Cocktail for summer, The Taste Edit



Cinc Elixir Rose Cocktail for summer cocktail, The Taste Edit


We used Ocean Spray Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice and tested it with several other grapefruit juices. If you use another brand of juice, it may be less sweet than Ocean Spray so you might want to add a half-teaspoon of agave nectar to your mix. If you do this, mix the juices and liqueur separately before adding it to the ice so that the agave nectar will dissolve. If you add it in with the ice, it will just drop to the bottom of your glass.

Don’t use your best Rose bubbles for this cocktail. Any relatively inexpensive Cava or Cremant will work perfectly.  We found that our Ridel O Pinot Noir glasses were the perfect size and shape for this cocktail, but if you’re planning on poolside entertaining, we’d suggest considering a shatter resistant option like this or this. 

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CINC Elixir
  1. Add crushed ice to a wine glass (the kind you buy in a bag is perfect).
  2. To the glass, add rosé, grapefruit juice, and lychee.
  3. Cut a lime in half crossways so that you have an end on each side. Use one half to cut round wheels for garnish.
  4. Take the other half and cut it in half again so you have 2 quarters of a lime. Add the juice of one of the quarters of lime to the glass.
  5. Stir and serve with a wheel of lime in the glass for garnish.


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