The Autumn Old Fashioned

Autumn is in full swing! It’s probably both of our favorite time of year. We especially love all the great ingredients that come into season around this time, like squash, apples, and brussels sprouts. We also love fall cocktails that are perfect for curling up in a blanket and sipping by the fire. This is one of those cocktails! It was inspired by this some of our favorite maple syrup that is hand bottled and aged in rum barrels, and these huge crystal clear ice cubes that are perfect for a slow-sipping drink like an Old Fashioned.

The Taste Edit uses the Rabbit clear ice cube tray
The Rabbit Clear Ice Cube Tray creates clear ice with tap water

Ice has been getting a lot of attention in craft cocktail bars because the shape of ice you use has affects how fast it melts and how the cocktail tastes. For cocktails like an Old Fashioned, large cubes are best because they melt more slowly and don’t dilute the flavor.

Remove the individual silicone piece with ice from the Rabbit clear ice cube tray
Removing the crystal clear ice cube from the Rabbit clear ice cube tray to make the autumn old fashioned

We were excited to find this new clear ice cube tray from Rabbit (the company that makes the corkscrew). We’ve tried other large cube ice trays before, but none of them have made the crystal-clear ice cubes this tray makes with. We were really impressed.

Ice made with the rabbit ice cube tray for an autumn old fashioned

They look like cubes of glass! They take a while to freeze, but we think that’s how they come out so clear. We’ve been making them and keeping them in a freezer bag to have on hand whenever we need them. We have a few other cocktails that we’ve been planning to make that would be perfect for these.

Our tips: remove the tray ice cube tray from the insulation about 15 minutes before you plan to use them to easily remove them from the tray. You can also run them under warm water briefly, the cubes should come right out. Definitely make sure to use glassware that shows off these cool cubes!

Large squares of clear ice is perfect for whiskey or an old fashioned per the taste edit
Add Pecan and magnolia bitters to create the autumn old fashioned with your rabbit clear ice cube tray by the taste edit

Most Old Fashioned cocktails use sugar syrup or a sugar cube as sweetener, but the barrel aged maple syrup in this cocktail gives it a deeper of flavor. We met the farmer a few years ago in Chicago and it’s one of our favorites. We also used these pecan, magnolia, and habanero bitters we discovered a few months ago. They’re amazing and give everything you use them in a touch of southern spice. These limited edition holiday pie bitters (pecan, apple, pumpkin, etc) would be a great option too.

Adding bourbon to the autumn old fashioned, recipe by The Taste Edit and using the rabbit clear ice cube tray
This simple fall cocktail is stored using a vintage spoon

Garnishing the autumn old fashioned with an orange peel
The Autumn Old fashioned with pecan bitters, bourbon, and cherries by the taste edit with clear large ice

The Autumn Old Fashioned Simple Cocktail is served in an orrefors crystal old fashioned glasses and garnished with an orange peel and cherry
The Taste Edit old fashioned recipe has a fall or autumn twist with pecan and magnolia

Thank you to Rabbit for sponsoring this post.

The Autumn Old Fashioned
  1. Place one or two large, clear ice cubes in a double old fashioned glass.
  2. Add bourbon, maple syrup, and bitters, then stir to combine. The ice should melt slightly while stirring.
  3. Garnish with lemon peel and serve.

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