GUSTO Emporio Libreria Kitchen Store in Rome

Gusto Shop in Rome


On our trips to Italy we always try to find local kitchen stores in hopes of discovering fun culinary finds to bring home with us. On our first trip, we found ourselves trying to ask people where these stores were and eventually were informed that Sarah had been asking for a housewife – casalinga, instead of a houseware store – casalinghi. So that’s why we were getting laughs and weird looks!

We finally found a fantastic kitchen store in Rome, GUSTO Emporio Libreria! It was filled with interesting kitchen tools, cookbooks, and servingware. We just happened to find them on the last night of our trip, right before they closed.


kitchen store in Rome glassware at gusto


We purchased several cookbooks that we hadn’t seen anywhere else (The Amalfi CoastSicilia in Cucina: The Flavours of Sicily, and Il Talismano Della Felicita), a slicer (we thought was puntarelle cutter, but we need to go back and get a real one), and some Alessi serveware and espresso spoons. All of these are special in our hearts and we can’t wait to go back. They kindly gave us a mezzo litro wine carafe to remember them by and we use it often! If you are in Rome you should definitely stop here. They speak English well and can help you with whatever you need!
Gusto Emporio Libreria
Piazza Augusto imperatore, 7
00186 Roma – tel. +39 06 3236363
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