Glacier Express: A Luxurious Train Ride through the Swiss Alps


The Glacier Express is a once in a lifetime experience. Relax in a panoramic train car as you glide through the Swiss Alps on this all-day journey from St. Moritz to Zermatt, two of the most glamorous locations in Switzerland. You’ll traverse historic rail bridges, deep ravines, a glacial river valley, majestic peaks, and one of the highest mountain passes in Switzerland. Winter is the perfect time to ride the Glacier Express so you can see the glistening snow atop the stunning Alps.



For the most luxurious experience, choose Excellence Class. This level of service was recently added and is even more exquisite than First Class. You’ll sit in large, plush, white leather chairs with iPads displaying information about the journey, have access to the services of a personal concierge, and savor a five-course meal with Swiss wine pairings. The chairs are configured in pairs so that each person is guaranteed a table and a window seat for this eight-hour journey.



We were a bit skeptical about the quality of the food on a rail journey. Was it going to be any better than airplane food? We were welcomed with Laurent-Perrier Champagne and pleasantly surprised by the cuisine and wine pairings. Each dish was delicious and tasted like it came from a full kitchen, despite being prepared in an on-board kitchen a few cars away. The Swiss beef and truffled mashed potatoes were cooked to perfection. Wine pairings were also excellent, and represented the cantons the train travels through.

The Glacier Express allows you to experience the most scenic parts of Switzerland in a one-day journey. If time permits, the train stops in Andermatt so passengers can disembark for a photo opportunity at the top of the Alps.



Want to know how to take the best photos from the Glacier Express? The panoramic windows make it difficult to photograph the landscapes due to glare. For a crisp shot, head to the vestibules between cars. The windows on the train doors open so that you can get the best photo of the Alps.

Thank you to Visit Switzerland and the Glacier Express for inviting us on the journey of a lifetime through the majestic Alps.