The Perfect Peeler

The perfect peeler - the best tools, the taste edit


Have you been looking for the perfect peeler? Even if you have not, you need to get one of these ASAP. When our friend Stacy told us she had found the best peeler ever and was sending us one from Chicago, we were curious as to what could make a peeler so special. As soon as we used it, we realized the difference. The Piranha peeler is everything.


how to trim an artichoke - use the peeler to clean the edges
how to trim an artichoke - trim the bottom stem with a peeler to get off the rough part


The slightly serrated blade on this peeler cuts through so much more than carrot peels. It even tackles one of the toughest peeling jobs in the kitchen, trimming artichokes. It works like a breeze. Not only do we use it to peel vegetables, it’s also is fantastic for creating long shavings of Parmesan cheese for salads and pastas. You’ll get long, wide ribbons with this peeler, a completely different look than the thin or coarse Microplane shavings.

The Piranha Peeler can be a little difficult to find in stores, but you can order one on Amazon Prime. If you get it, let us know what you think! We have the red one, but it also comes in green.

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