4 Napa Valley Products on Oprah’s Favorite Things

The Model Bakery Cookbook, The Taste Edit


It’s been 20 years since Oprah began her famous Favorite Things giveaways. Although we don’t get to watch the big reveal on television anymore, you can see all of the items over on Amazon. We love that Oprah picked several food and Napa Valley connected gifts this year. Oprah has included four items from the Bay area; The Model Bakery English Muffins (a favorite of ours as well), K+M Extravirgin Chocolate, Clif Family Preserves, and these candles from Thomas Keller’s store in Napa.

Other favorites include the Maman Cookies (we just visited Maman for breakfast on our recent birthday trip to New York City) and the Sea to Table kits.

Click here to view all of Oprah’s Favorite things for 2017!

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