Christmas Gift Guide: for the Food and Wine Lover

christmas gift guide 2015
It’s almost Christmas! We love gift guides, and wanted to share just a few of our favorite gift ideas for the food and wine lover. There’s still time to ship, wrap, and still sip on a Tom & Jerry cocktail before Christmas gets here! We’re always looking for new ideas for gifts so here are some of our favorites for food, wine, and travelers!

1. We always save the corks from our favorite bottles of wine or memorable evenings. The Bakus Trivit is a great way to display some of yours and even change it out!

2. / 3. Don’t suffocate your cheese with plastic wrap. Keep it fresh with Formaticum cheese paper or splurge on a Guzzini cheese plate. This allows you to keep your cheese fresh and not make a mess.

4. All the chefs are wearing them! Get your own Hedley & Bennett apron.

5. A workhorse in our house is our Microplane box grater. It’s four Microplanes in one!

6. A favorite food gift that we received was a long sleeve of Italian Mieli Thun honeys. A Mieli honey dictionary would make a great accompaniment for a cheese platter.

7. Gift a Lodge cast-iron skillet for Christmas. If they don’t have one, they need one. If they have one, they could use another!

8. We keep our hot peppers in an Alessi Pinccantino Chili Cruncher. We use whole Italian chilis, so we need something to crunch them up. This allows you to not touch chilies or chili peppers. Even if you use chili flakes, it’s a fun way to store and serve them!

9. Who wouldn’t want a white marble pastry board. This will give anyone a beautiful surface to roll out dough or display a cheese platter!

10. Fun gift for the cook in your life – a whisk key chain! Don’t leave your house without it. It’s also easy to find at the bottom of your purse.

11. We tested several mandolines over the years, and the best mandoline is the Benriner Japanese mandoline. Just beware, it’s sharp!

12. We love our Zalto wine glasses! Delicate but worth it. Start with the universal and you can always build up from there!

13. We love Bang & Olufsen’s Beolit15 for parties in the house, by the pool, on a boat, or in the garden. Charge it up and stream from your phone. We always have music playing in the background and never have a party without it!

14. Hog Island Co. oysters are our favorite! Get them in time for Christmas, New Years, or send a gift card.

15. Cookbooks are always a go to gift in our house for a gift. Check out some of our favorites!

16. For an economical and convenient blender go for the Cuisinart Smart Stick immersion blender. It’s easy to blend soups directly in the pot and can go right into the dishwasher! No mess!

17. Make your own tasty and beautiful Aviary cocktail with a porthole infuser.

18. We loved making Tom & Jerrys this Christmas with our Vitamix! We also use it for making soups and sauces, as well as the occasional summer cocktail to sip by the grill.

BONUS: If you’re looking for something different, give the gift of a Cowgirl Creamery cheese subscription!



  1. We love Cowgirl Creamery! Our local cheese shop, Artisan Cheese Company, usually has the Mt. Tam and Red Hawk in stock.

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