El Guapo Gimlet

Napa Valley Distillery Bitters at The Oxbow Public Market
Napa Valley Distillery Vintage Glassware at The Oxbow Public Market


We made a quick trip up to Napa to run a few errands and stopped into the Oxbow Public Market. We hadn’t been in months, and wanted to check out Napa Valley Distillery, which a friend Kelly had told us about. They have the most amazing collection of cocktail products–vintage glassware, books, and hundreds of bitters and cordials. We were a bit overwhelmed with the selection and will definitely need to go back, but we came home with a few products we were really excited to try.  This Lime Cordial made by El Guano Bitters is one that we had to try.


The Taste Edit making an El Guapo Gimlet with Citadel Gin
The Taste Edit making an El Guapo Gimlet with El Guapo Lime Cordial


This is probably the first and only post we’ve done on a cocktail that doesn’t use fresh squeezed citrus, but after doing some reading, we found that it’s actually very common to use a lime cordial in a gimlet, the most common being Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice. We’ve haven’t tried it and don’t have a basis to compare, but our El Guapo lime cordial was amazing! It has the perfect balance of sweet and sour, and the cocktail was seriously delicious.


Pouring El Guano into the Gimlet
Staring an El Guapo Gimlet
Pouring the El Guapo Gimlet into coupes


We’ll definitely be getting more of this. It’s a great option for when you don’t have fresh citrus on hand and it takes only a minute to stir up a fantastic cocktail. We served ours in vintage glassware, but we found other glassware that we liked here, here, and here. Do you have any favorite cocktail products? Let us know, we’d love to try them out!


El Guapo Gimlet is simple and delicious made by The Taste Edit

El Guapo Gimlet
  1. Add gin and lime cordial to a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
  2. Stir until the cocktail is ice cold (about 40 revolutions) and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.Serve without garnish.

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