Acai Bowl

During the week, we’re usually super busy in the morning getting ready for work. We hardly ever have the time to cook a full breakfast like this Banana Kahlua French Toast, although that would be lovely. We sometimes make simple things that we can prepare ahead of time (like scones or frittatas), but most often we make a quick acai bowl and get on with our morning.

Acai bowl with berries and coconut

Acai bowls are extremely thick smoothies that you eat with a spoon, almost like a sorbet, topped with all kinds of amazing healthy treats. It tricks you into thinking you’re eating dessert for breakfast! We’ll actually eat one any time of day.

We top ours with coconut flakes and granola. We like to switch up the granola and try different flavors like this and this. We also love to add extra fresh fruit or berries when we have them. Do you make acai bowls? What do you top yours with? Other ideas we’ve heard are pomegranate seeds, chia seeds (which you can also include in your bowl to make it a little creamier), nuts, kiwi, and pretzels.

We like to store our “toppings” in these tall mason jars. We get most of our dry goods in bulk, so decanting them into jars helps eliminate the plastic bag clutter, stack things in the pantry easily, and see when we’re low.

Decanting bulk supplies like granola and coconut in mason jars
The Taste Edit eats Acai bowls for breakfast

Acai berries are a superfood from Brazil that are full of antioxidants. We’ve tried a few different acai packs, but our favorite to use are these frozen packs. Other twists including adding peanut butter or avocado to the mixture. We like to start with this basic approach and then play with different things to spicy up the morning. With all the frozen ingredients, having a really powerful blender is key. We use a Vitamix but have also heard good things about this one and this one.

Acai Bowls
  1. Run the acai pack under warm water for a few seconds and break it up slightly by hitting it on the side of the counter.
  2. In a Vitamix, blend the acai, banana, almond milk, and frozen berries until it's the consistency of an extremely thick smoothie. If it gets stuck add a little more almond milk at a time until it's just enough to get the mixture moving.
  3. Transfer to a bowl and top with coconut, granola, fruit, or whatever you like. Eat with a spoon.

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