Indian Lounge


Located just next to Le Banthai, this Indian restaurant in Nice is huge in comparison to its Thai neighbor. There’s also a lot of outdoor seating and you can’t miss the brightly colored umbrellas hanging in the street. The staff were very helpful and we could tell that there were regular locals dining next to us – always a good sign.

For lunch Indian Lounge offers several set menus, or you can go the al la carte route. We chose two different menus so we could try as many items as possible. Start your meal with an order of onion bhaji. Have you ever had a blooming onion? This was similar, but 100x better.



If you love tandoori – you need to try the Menu Delhi. It’s a mixture of tandoor chicken, shrimp, lamb, and fish. The onion bhaji is also included in this menu.

If you love to try lots of different flavors, then we recommend trying the Nirvana Goa. It includes a large assortment of delicious traditional foods served in a large metal tray. You receive eight different dishes in small portions, including eggplant, lamb, and chicken.

Indian Lounge, 34 Rue Droite, 06300 Nice