Le Banthai

Eat at the Best Thai restaurant in Nice Le Banthai. - The Taste Edit
Go to the Best Thai restaurant in Nice Le Banthai. Start with their papa salad while sitting outside on the street. - The Taste Edit


Le Banthai has some of the best Thai food in Nice served casually in the street. It’s a very small restaurant with a limited menu of delicious Thai cuisine. With just a few interior tables, most of the restaurant consists of tables lining both sides of the street. We’d recommend skipping the cocktails and dive straight into the food and wine. Be sure to order the nems or vegetable egg rolls. We could eat a whole plate each as a meal!


For the Best Thai Food in Nice head to Le Banthai Be sure to try the Nems or vegetable spring rolls - The Taste Edit


If you like calamari, the Calamari Pad Thai is delicious and a great way to mix up the usual chicken Pad Thai. The food isn’t very spicy, so if you’re looking for extra heat you may need to request it.


Le Banthai, 29 Rue Droite, 06300 Nice