Concettina ai Tre Santi

This is the best pizza in the world and in Naples, Italy. You wont find a better experience, wine list, or person. You have to try this pizzeria. Even the simple pizza margarita is amazing. #pizza #italy #naples #naplesitaly #wine
Ciro at Concettina ai Tre Santi in Napoli allows all of his pizza dough to rest in wooden boxes. He only uses the best ingredients of salt, water, yeast, and flour. #pizza #italy #dough #pizzadough #napoli


Our most memorable meal in Naples was without a doubt Concettina ai Tre Santi.

We took a taxi up to the Sanità District. It’s utterly charming — filled with markets and fruit stands along the streets. The restaurant gets very busy at night, so we went early for dinner by Italian standards and were seated right away.

As we flipped through the menu, we were disappointed because the tasting menu is by reservation only with a minimum of four people. Thankfully, we asked and they were so kind to accommodate us! They combined the traditional and innovative menus to create one of the most memorable meals we’ve ever had.

We started dinner with a pet nat wine and it became clear that Tre Santi has one of the best wine lists in Napoli. Not all of the wine is listed, so make sure you talk to Emanuela Labagnara, the sommelier, to find out what’s the best at the moment.


The best deep dish pizza with olives and anchovies. You'll find it in Napoli, plus they even have fried pizza! It's the best vacation destination for foodies. #food #pizza #italy #napoli
Go to this pizzeria in Napoli for the best pizza in Italy. Simple restaurant decor including this nativity scene. #pizza #nativity #christmas #italy

Try the Neapolitan octopus ragu made with capers, tomatoes, and octopus. This is real Italian comfort food and on of the best meals The Taste Edit has ever had! #napoli #italy #octopus #pastasauce #tomatoes
Ciro, in his twenties,  makes the best pizza in Italy. Go see him and learn about how he is making a difference not only in the world of pizza but also in the community of Napoli. #italy #napoli #pizza


Chef Ciro Oliva, only 26, is a fourth-generation pizzaiolo working with his father, Antonio, who is still in the pizzeria. You may see him sitting at the door when you walk in. Ciro not only cranks out some of the best pies in Napoli, but he also supports his community by paying for English lessons for local children to help prevent them from getting involved with the Camorra.

Ciro personally delivered each course, with explanations of each dish. It included everything from traditional Margherita pizza to a pizza with butter and salmon topped with caviar and ice cream made with fried clams. One of our favorite innovative pizzas was “The Memory of Sunday” made with tomato, parsley, and creamy clam sauce. It was the best clam pizza we’ve ever had! Ciro encouraged us to “eat with hands, always.” He also incorporates experiences from cooking in places like Bangkok with his smoked tuna dish topped with lime zest.

The most memorable moment of the night was when he appeared carrying a large copper pot that looked like it had been cooking on the stove for hours. It was filled with the most flavorful octopus ragu. They placed a small copper pan in front of each of us along with a plate of pizza crusts that had been fried, perfect for dipping in the octopus ragu. We each ladled a spoon full of tomatoes, olives, and octopus into our individual pans and ate as much as we could. Ciro was kind enough to share the recipe and we’ve already made it at home on more than one occasion.


The best clam pizza you'll find in the world. Go to this restaurant in Italy for the meal of your life! #italy #restaurant #pizza #napoli #naplesitaly
Self-Serve octopus ragu in Italy alongside deep-fried pizza crust to sop up the sauce. #food #octopus #sauce #italian #napoli

Try a real Baba soaked in rum for dessert in Napoli. #dessert #italy #napoli #rum


After our 12 course dinner, Ciro walked us over to see the dough room and the wine cellar. As we walked through the streets, Ciro waived to his friends in the pizzeria took the time to say hello and ask how their meal was. Simple. Well done. And Ciro is an amazing person, which makes us love his food even more.