Fabulous Local Bistro with the Best Soufflés

by TheTasteEdit
Josephine Chez Dumonet Restaurant in Paris Pigeon


This Paris neighborhood bistro serves a limited menu with really good food. At first, I was a bit concerned when I heard a lot of American accents, but we scoped out the room and half were French. If you spend a lot of time in Paris, you may notice restaurants will often seat Americans and other English-speaking people together with a server who speaks English better than other team members. It’s not being mean — it’s trying to make it easier for everyone!

The decor is typically Parisian, with a mixture of old photos, antiques, and paintings hanging around the dining room. On the menu, you’ll find traditional dishes like pigeon, langoustines roasted with citrus butter, cote de boeuf, cassoulet, beef bourguignon, and duck confit.




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