Where to Eat, Drink, and Shop in Beaune

Burgundy is a place where you go to eat and drink your way through the region. We met another American working in the wine industry this summer. Since you didn’t hear many American accents at the time, we struck up a conversation. We all agreed – that’s what you do when you come here. You eat and drink. Period. It’s pretty difficult not to eat well here. However, we’ve all found that you can find places with killer wine lists and the food is so-so, or you’ll find amazing food and maybe not your favorite wine list – but you’ll still be able to find something solid to drink throughout the region.


Where to Eat and Drink


Le Dilettante
This is the wine bar in Beaune. If you like good food and natural wine, you’ll want to go here. Call ahead to make a reservation. It also stays open late, unlike many of the other options. The menu is always changing, but they make the best Pate de Campagne we’ve had (not too liver-y) and we still dream of their beef curry.

If you crave Japanese food, this is a required stop on every trip to Beaune. Read more here.

Caves Madeleine
We’d recommend getting a la carte here. We did the tasting menu and found half of the dishes unremarkable. Maybe it was an off night. But, what really shines here is the wine list, so pick out a few dishes that sound great and a nice bottle or a few glasses to pair.

Boulevard 29
Set in a wine cave, this restaurant serves classic French food in a chic setting in the center of Beaune. It feels a little touristy, but their beef bourguignon and choux farci are solid.

Le Comptoir des Tontons
This has been touted as the first natural wine bar in Beaune. You can visit before the restaurant opens to buy bottles of wine or food items for takeaway like tinned fish, jarred giant beans, or bags of pasta. This man’s list is insane. Don’t just look at what’s on the walls – ask for the list.

Favorite Food & Wine Shops


The Beaune Market
The market is on Wednesday and Saturday. You’ll really want to go to the Saturday one because the vendors inside the Place de la Halle will be open. You’ll miss out on a lot if you only go on Wednesday. We actually plan our trips so that we start with the Saturday market to pick up beautiful vegetables, terrines, and meat.

Boucherie Vassot
By far the best meat in town. Stop in for a gorgeous cut of beef and a tin of pommes dauphinoise to cook at home. If you don’t have a kitchen, it’s still worth a stop to pick up a few slices of terrine for a picnic.

Poissonnerie Virginie Brouant
You won’t find fish at the market, other than oysters, so this is where you go if you want to make sole meunière or literally any other fish during your time in Burgundy. The selection here is incredible.

Alain Hess Cheesemonger
The best cheese shop in town. There is probably no goat cheese that Alain Hess does not have. There’s also an extensive selection of cow and sheep milk cheeses. A vast underground cellar offers wine tastings in the caves.

Mes Bourgognes
This wine shop in the center of Beaune is the only one we’d head to downtown. You know you’ll find non-commercial wines, fair prices, and some fairly rare labels. There is no shortage of wine shops in Beaune but they’re often catering to tourists.

Things to Do


Athenaeum Beaune
This book/wine/kitchen store has a good selection of cookbooks and books on French wine. If you are staying a while and need some kitchen essentials, you can find them for less expensive elsewhere, but Athenaeum does have a nice selection of wine glasses and cheese serving accessories if you want to elevate your Burgundy experience and have something nice to bring home at the end of your trip.

The Cook’s Atelier
This family run luxury kitchen store has a full line of copper pans developed with Mauviel and also offers intensive French cooking classes in their stunning kitchen.

La Moutarderie Fallot
The headquarters of this famous mustard maker is in downtown Beaune. You can book an experience, but if you just want mustard both Intermarché (upscale French supermarket chain) in Nuits St. George and L. Eclerc (hyper-market chain) in Beaune carry the full range of Fallot products, including gold pails suitable for gifting.

Hospices de Beaune
This hospital founded in the 1400s is a touristy but fascinating stop in Beaune. If there is no line, it’s worth quickly taking the self guided tour if for no other reason than the architecture, most notably the ornate rooftop and soaring gothic spires. Similar to Auction Napa Valley, Burgundy vintners set aside special bottles for the Hospices de Beaune’s annual charity auction.