Mornings with Ratio Eight Coffee

Ratio Eight is a beautiful and functional machine that makes a great cup of coffee.
Ratio Eight coffee machine works great in our kitchen.


We get lots of questions and comments from guests in our kitchen about our coffee maker. We love coffee, and over many years have probably tried every method of making coffee known to man, from espresso to pour-over to pods to presses. None of them lasted long in our kitchen. When we switched to the Ratio Eight (c/o) a few months ago, it quickly perfected our morning routine in a way that no other machine had.


Ratio Eight is a great way to start the morning.


We don’t post much about breakfast. That’s because the key to our morning routine is simplicity. We both typically roll out of bed and get straight to work (or, truthfully, start checking and responding to emails on our phones as soon as we wake up). As a result, we don’t like having to think about where our coffee or food is going to come from, and we definitely don’t like making a mess in the kitchen before dinner time. Breakfast usually consists of an Acai bowl or smoothie, or pastries we happen to have made the previous weekend. This is also why we liked coffee capsules so much before we got our Ratio. They are clean and convenient. Coffee at the touch of a button, with no cleanup.


We start our mornings with coffee that we brew from the Ratio Eight.


The Ratio Coffee is almost that simple. First, it’s only three pieces. The body of the machine, a cap for the water reservoir, and a carafe with a rubber stopper. It has just one button and it’s made of three things: glass, metal, and wood. It’s handmade in Portland (Clayton got to visit on his trip to Portland in April) and essentially automates the pour-over brewing process using sensors in the machine. We love that it uses Chemex filters. They make great coffee and keep clean up super-simple (straight into the compost bin!).

Once we got the…ratio…down, we now make fresh coffee without thinking about it. Six tablespoons of our favorite coffee (typically EquatorSightglass, Stumptown, or Blue Bottle, plus one of the glass water bottles we refill and keep in the fridge equals coffee perfection and it’s ready in minutes. Get your Ratio coffee maker here.


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