Whole Foods + Amazon Prime Turkeys

Spatchcocking a turkey for Thanksgiving, The Taste Edit


Do you have an Amazon Prime membership? If so, you’ll be able to get a special savings on turkeys from Whole Foods this Thanksgiving. Until November 26, 2017, you can use this code to save up to 20% on turkeys. Whole foods is selling select organic turkeys at $3.49 per pound ($2.99 per pound for members) and no antibiotic turkeys at $2.49 per pound ($1.99 per pound for members).

We recently purchased a turkey and totally missed this. If that happens to you, you can take your receipt and Amazon Prime coupon to the store where you purchased the turkey and a team member will issue a store credit.

“These are the latest new lower prices in our ongoing integration and innovation with Amazon, and we’re just getting started,” said John Mackey, Whole Foods Market co-founder and CEO. “In the few months we’ve been working together, our partnership has proven to be a great fit. We’ll continue to work closely together to ensure we’re consistently surprising and delighting our customers while moving toward our goal of reaching more people with Whole Foods Market’s high-quality, natural, and organic food.”

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