20 Questions with Andrew Mariani of Scribe Winery

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We’re kicking off our new 20 Questions series with Andrew Mariani, co-owner of Scribe Winery. We sat down with Andrew at his newly-opened Hacienda at Scribe Winery in Sonoma for a quick chat:

Where were you born?  Winters, CA.

Coffee or tea?  Coffee.

Cream and sugar?  Black.

Favorite cocktail?  Verjus and mezcal on ice with a twist, maybe orange, or just verjus.

What do you eat for breakfast?  Coffee and an orange. A bunch of citrus.

Favorite food you hate to admit you like?  I’m proud of all my foods. I love refried beans.

Favorite place you’ve visited?  The town of Komiza where my grandfather was born in Croatia.

Best thing you ate recently?  I had amazing Tamales at El Molino Central.

Vodka or gin?  Gin.

Food you don’t like?  Brown butter.

Cook at home or go out?  Cook at home.

What’s at the top of your playlist right now?  Lia Ices.

Favorite Instagram to follow right now?  @ScribeWinery

A favorite wine region outside of California?  Champagne.

Favorite restaurant you’ve visited recently?  Ramen Shop.

What do you bring to a party?  Pinatas, Scribe Olive Oil.

Red or white?  White.

Almonds or walnuts?  Mad respect for both, but walnuts.


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