A Restaurant with No Menu: Vivaro Wine Bar, Praiano

Gennaro tops a dish with balsamic as he cooks at Vivaro Wine Bar in Praiano Italy  | thetasteedit.com #amalficoast #italy #positano #restaurant


Have you ever dreamed of going to Italy, sitting down in a restaurant, and having the chef create an impromptu, multi-course meal on the spot? If so, you must go to Gennaro’s Vivaro Wine Bar in Praiano. Just south of Positano, Gennaro runs the entire restaurant by himself. He is the chef, the host, the server, and the sommelier. Located in a small, cute storefront off the main street through town, it’s a place where locals and non-American tourists eat. It’s close to our hotel, Casa Angelina, who made us a reservation.

In his pink lit restaurant, we were greeted by Gennaro. He asked us, “Would you like fish or meat?” When in the Amalfi coast, go with the fish! Ask Gennaro to recommend a bottle of wine.

His food was so amazing, that we go back as often as we can when we’re in Praiano. Even if you’re staying in Positano, Vivaro Wine Bar is worth the short trip for dinner. Everything is simple, fresh, and delicious – one of the best meals we’ve had at any restaurant in Italy! It was only 30 Euros per person for a three-course meal, plus a bottle of wine for about 20 euros. Below are images from our most recent visit in 2017.


Gennaro plates up dishes for guests at his Amalfi Coast restaurant Vivaro Wine Bar in Praiano Italy | thetasteedit.com #amalficoast #italy #positano #restaurant
The fish course at Vivaro Wine Bar in the Amalfi Coast where there is no menu but the food is fantastic!  | thetasteedit.com #amalficoast #italy #positano #restaurant

At Vivaro Wine Bar in Praiano you'll choose fish or meat - if you're staying in Positano this Amalfi Coast restaurant is worth the ride only one town overn | thetasteedit.com #amalficoast #italy #positano #restaurant
Vivaro Wine Bar has an amazing selection of local wines lining the walls of the restaurant in the Amalfi Coast near Positano  | thetasteedit.com #amalficoast #italy #positano #restaurant

You'll have one of the best meal of your life at Vivaro Wine Bar in Praiano near Positano on the Amalfi Coast.  | thetasteedit.com #amalficoast #italy #positano #restaurant


One of our favorite dishes was a bucatini made with pumpkin, garlic, olive oil, and clams. The portions are the correct size and packed full of flavor. Gennaro may also insisted that we have  dessert. One of our favorites was a beautiful peach filled with mascarpone cheese.


Dance the night away with live music at dinner in this Praiano Wine Bar | thetasteedit.com #amalficoast #italy #positano #restaurant


Vivaro Wine Bar, Via g. Capriglione, 156, 84010 Praiano, Italy



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