Are Escargot Snails A Sham?

escargot at petit marlowe, The Taste Edit


We recently stopped into Petite Marlowe for some wine and escargot with our friend Katrina. If you haven’t been, you should give it a try. It’s a cute space with a rustic French vibe, and the wine list is interesting. Their escargot is served traditionally, in escargot plates with proper tongs, and we even received a demo from the server on how to properly handle the buttery delights.

Escargots de Bourgogne, or Burgundy snails are a French delicacy. Snails were once abundant in the French region of Burgundy, but the population of snails have declined over the years of over harvesting and destruction of habitat. According to this article,  Burgundy snails are now raised and harvested in other locations, mostly in Central Europe, and then shipped and packaged in Burgundy.

There are only about 300 snail producers in France, and they are working hard to force the larger companies who are importing snails to disclose on the label where they come from. If you care about where your food comes from, take a minute to read the article–it’s fascinating!

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