Must-Visit Burgundy Restaurant

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The best restaurant in Burgundy isn't in Beaune, it's Le Soleil set on a beautiful tree lined road serving seasonal dishes and natural wine


This is our favorite restaurant in Burgundy. For us, it's a must-visit. They serve simple food with big (not solely French) flavors and one of the best lists of traditional and natural wines in France.

The restaurant isn't in downtown Beaune, which only adds to its charm. Located in Savigny-Les-Beaune on a tree-lined street, we always make a point to stop here to sit in the pea gravel courtyard with little tables and pour over the day's menu, handwritten on a chalkboard. The empty wine bottles that line the edge of the courtyard and twinkle lights that turn on at night are a constant reminder of the fact that they have three difficult-to-book rooms and magical dinners - if you can get a reservation.



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