Off The Grid: Fort Mason Center

Off The Grid is a local organization that brings together people and food by finding empty spaces and filling them with some of the best food vendors around. We recently went to the opening day of their Presidio Picnic, which was fabulous, so we decided to check out the Friday Night Off The Grid: Fort Mason Center.

Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center brings together food trucks and other vendors to give you a huge selection of food in a really convenient spot. From wood-fired pizzas, cocktails, tacos, and doughnuts, they truly have it all. Not only is there great food, but they have live bands playing into the night. We got in a little early for a behind the scenes look at a few of the many food options.

The Taste Edit goes to Off the Grid fort mason

Andrew Alcantara, owner of Frita’s Taco Shop shared with us his San Diego style Mexican food. We tried the rolled tacos and the carne asada fries.

Frita's Shack at off the grid fort mason
Andrew Alcantara of Frita's Shack hand rolled tacos at off the grid fort mason

Bombzies BBQ was grilling up a storm with all of this chicken. They originally started with a Weber grill but have since moved on to these serious grills.

Bombzies BBQ grilling chicken at off the grid fort mason
The Taste Edit catches Bombazines BBQ grilling a lot of chicken at off the grid fort mason

off the grid fort mason includes Bombzies BBQ who grills a lot of chicken

A16 has southern Italian food covered at Fort Mason Center. They offer wood-fired pizzas to order, their famous meatballs (see recipe here), and cannoli. Chef Rocky Maselli from A16 Rockridge shared his pizza making process. Check out our post on A16 Rockridge and Franco Pepe’s visit here.

Rocky Maselli makes pizza at off the grid fort mason for a16

A16's Rocky Maselli adding tomato pizzas at off the grid fort mason
A16's Rocky Maselli adding toppings to pizzas at off the grid fort mason
A16 meatballs are delicious and perfect choice at off the grid fort mason

A16's pizzas at off the grid fort mason

A16's wood fired pizza oven at off the grid fort mason

We also tried an amazing sandwich from What’s The Feast?! San Francisco, which was new to Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center the day we visited.

What The Feast?! WTF SF off the grid fort mason grilling some pork and cheese
What The Feast?! WTF SF off the grid fort mason pork and cheese sandwich with cucumber salad

We finished off the night tasting Johnny Doughnuts. Not only do they have delicious doughnuts, but they also have a beautiful La Marzocco machine so you can warm up with an espresso. We hear that this is a place to hit early to avoid the lines, which can grow to 45 minutes long, but trust us, they are worth it.

Johnny doughnuts, based in San Rafael, are hand crafted and based off a 1920s recipe that uses mashed potatoes in the dough. Owner Craig Blum shared that the doughnuts are hand made, including the potato mashing. Also, good news: they will be opening a brick and mortar store in Hayes Valley soon! And they have gluten free and vegan options.

The Taste Edit tastes off the grid fort mason Johnny Doughnuts
The Taste Edit visits off the grid fort mason Johnny Doughnuts truck with birthday cake doughnuts

We decided to take this crodough home for dessert. Rather than potato, crodoughs are made with laminated dough (like croissants) and topped with chocolate. What we would recommend is get a few extra, bring them home, and make a late-night snack.

Off the Grid Fort Mason Johnny Doughnuts Ice Cream Sandwich with Straus Ice Cream

When we lived in Chicago, we used to walk down to Firecakes on a hot summer night to get ourselves a ice cream doughnut sandwich. This inspired us to bring home a crodough and one for ourselves. It was the perfect late-night snack!

Ice Cream Crodough Sandwich
  • 1 crodough (or doughnut)
  • vanilla ice cream
  1. Take your ice cream out of the freezer and let it slightly soften. Use a bread knife to cut a crodough in half. Add ice cream to the bottom cut and top it with the other half of your crodough. Serve in brown parchment paper.


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