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The Taste Edit trying Tasting Spoon appetizers halibut tartar Saru Sushi Bar in Noe Valley San Francisco
Saru Sushi Bar in Noe Valley 's Omasaki


It’s hard to find a really great sushi restaurant that is open for lunch in San Francisco! This weekend was Clayton’s birthday, so he took the day off on Friday to do some fun things around town. He really wanted sushi for lunch, so we spent quite a bit of time looking for recommendations online. Most of the places that stood out to us were dinner-only. Then we came across Saru Sushi Bar in Noe Valley, San Francisco. It had great reviews (it’s Michelin Guide Recommended) and opens at noon.


Sashimi Omasaki from Saru Sushi Bar in Noe Valley San Francisco


A lot of the reviews mentioned that Saru is tiny and often has a line, so we got ready quickly and headed out the door. We pulled up just in time to grab a table outside (and found parking in front of the restaurant – a birthday miracle!).

Everything we tried was outstanding and beautifully presented. Since it was a special occasion and our first time here, we decided to try something different and ordered the omakase. The omakase includes only special fish (not used otherwise on the menu).  You’ll also receive premium soy sauce reserved just for sashimi, as well as real, freshly grated wasabi.

We also highly recommend the halibut tartare with grated lime, yuzu juice, sea salt, and salted kelp. If you’re ordering individual rolls, sashimi, or nigiri, you can also order a side of higher quality wasabi on the side.


Ocean Mackerel Sashimi Saru Sushi Bar in Noe Valley
The Taste Edit eats sushi rolls at Saru Sushi Bar in Noe Valley 's Omasaki


UPDATE: We’ve been back many times for lunch and dinner.  Saru doesn’t take reservations, but you can call ahead to get on the waitlist and bar seating is also included in the waitlist. The service can be slow since there are usually only two people working on the floor, but it’s really good and worth the wait.

Saru Sushi Bar, 3856 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114


Omnivore Bookstore the best place to get cookbooks in San Francisco
Celia Sack's Omnivore Books on Food where The Taste Edit goes for Cookbooks rare and new in San Francisco


No visit to Noe Valley would be complete without a stop at one of our favorite book shops, Omnivore Books on Food. If you’re in San Francisco you must stop in. They have everything! We ran into Lisa Fetterman, the author of Sous Vide at Home. It just came out and you can pick up a signed copy at the store. If you’re not local, you can get it here. We don’t have an immersion circulator, but if we did, you can bet we’d be trying her sous vide cocktails.

Omnivore Books on Food, 3885 Cesar Chavez, San Francisco, CA 94131




  1. Hi Lisa, We haven’t personally tried any, but you may want to check out Shizen Vegan Sushi or Cha-Ya in San Francisco. Let us know if you find something you love!! Best, Sarah

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