Tom Collins with Elderflower and Hops

In general, we avoid pre-made cocktail mixers. They’re usually full of sugar and artificial ingredients, and cocktails just taste better when they are made with fresh fruits and syrups. At the same time, we’re always on the lookout for interesting products that make things simpler in the kitchen, and we’ll occasionally give a cocktail mix a try if it sounds interesting and has ingredients we can pronounce. For example, this gimlet was great, and we recently tried this Bloody Mary mix with friends and it was a huge hit.

Bittermilk's Tom Collins Elderflower Hops cocktail mix is perfect anytime of year and makes simple cocktails for parties

We recently found this Bittermilk Tom Collins mixer at  a shop in Napa and it sounded too interesting not to try. We usually think of a Tom Collins as a summer cocktail, but the hops, Elderflower, and darker color of this cocktail are perfect for Fall. We think it would be a great easy cocktail for holiday entertaining. At the very least, it will let you spend less time squeezing lemons and more time with family and friends! Our tip: use lemon seltzer water like this or this instead of regular club soda.

This Tom Collins with Elderflower and Hops makes an easy cocktail with gin
Tom Collins Elderflower Hops cocktail makes an easy gin cocktail by The Taste Edit

Tom Collins with Elderflower and Hops
  1. Combine equal parts gin, lemon seltzer water, and mixer in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
  2. Holding the cap on carefully, shake just a few times to combine and strain into a collins glass filled with ice.
  3. Garnish with a fresh lemon wheel and serve.


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