Hog Island Oysters: Shipping for the Holidays

Hog Island Oysters holiday shipping with caviar and celery

12 Days of ChristmasWe love Hog Island oysters! After our first trip to Napa, we were disappointed to find out that you can’t buy them outside of California. A few places in Chicago served them when they could get them, but finding Hog Island Sweetwaters was a rarity!

We were overjoyed to find out that Hog Island oysters ships nationwide at Christmas and New Years! Now that we live in San Francisco, we can walk a few blocks and pick up a dozen at a time. Our favorites are the Sweetwaters, which are exactly what you can have shipped to your door for the holidays. 

Hog Island Co Sweetwater Oysters Shipping for the HolidaysDuring the holidays, we like to serve oysters with a fine dice of celery and caviar. Grab a bottle of champagne, a jar of caviar, one stalk of celery, and a few dozen Hog Island oysters, and you’ll be set. If you don’t have a proper shucking knife, you can add it to your Hog Island order.

Hog Island Oysters for the Holiday with caviar

Our friends at Water2Table sent over some fantastic Browne Trading Galilee Prime Osetra to pair with our Sweetwaters. We paired these oysters with one of our favorite Champagnes, Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve.

Hog Island Oysters with Caviar and Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve (close up)

Looking for a gift for a California local? Order a ‘Hog Card’ gift card. Who wouldn’t love this?  You can use it to buy oysters, or to enjoy a hot bowl of clam chowder or seafood stew on a cold winter day at the Ferry Building Marketplace or Oxbow Public Market oyster bars.

Hog Island Oysters for the Holidays
  • Hog Island Company Sweetwater Oysters, shucked on ice
  • Champagne Vinegar
  • Caviar
  • Celery, very finely diced
  1. Add a dash of champagne vinegar to each oyster.
  2. Top with ½ teaspoon of celery and a dollop of caviar.
  3. Serve and enjoy!
Do not use a metal spoon to serve the caviar unless it's specifically meant for caviar, otherwise it will react with the metal.

A special thanks to Hog Island Co. for providing the oysters featured in this post.

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