Thanks to Water2Table for fantastic fresh Monterey Bay squid. This is the first time we’ve found fresh (i.e. not previously frozen, and also not pre-cleaned) squid! I now have a new found respect for the people who have to clean squid, but it was totally worth it! These were the tenderest squid we’ve ever had outside of Italy.

Before we left Chicago, Eataly opened Baffo, and we found a few recipes were in the Babbo Cookbook (sister restaurant to Baffo in NYC). It was so good, we would gush about it to Sarah’s mom, so guess what we got for Christmas! 

When we saw these squid, we immediately thought of a recipe that Clayton has always wanted to try and we had mostly everything already – Sicilian Lifeguard Style Calamari. We substituted bulgur wheat (toasted in some olive oil before cooking) instead of couscous since we had it on hand. We also had our Italian capers from Mamma Agata’s in Ravello. Perfecto!

Get the Recipe: 2-Minute Calamari, Sicilian Lifeguard Style from Mario Batali via Foodnetwork

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