Cellarmaker Brewing Company

cellarmaker pouring beer

Do you like beer? Are you in San Francisco looking for a cool place to check out this weekend? Check out Cellarmaker Brewing Company. They specialize in small batch beers. We’re still learning about the world of beer, and I think this is a great local place to figure out what you like. If you already know beer, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it even more. There’s a long list on the wall, so there is something for everyone. Overall, it’s a pretty balanced tap list.


The beer list

It was warm outside last weekend when we were there, and after a sampling a few that were heavier on the hops, I thought that the Blonde Moms sounded perfect! Fruity and refreshing, as they say, it’s “what mom would drink with apricots.”




We just stopped in the try the beer, but you can bring your own food or order delivery from a few local options. The front is open to the street, with a wooden slat wall that separates you from the sidewalk, but still lets in the outside air. It’s a fun bar-like atmosphere. All of the seats were taken when we were there, so we sat on stools around a barrel. It was a little tight, so we’d recommend waiting to get a real seat at the bar or table.

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