The Paper Plane: An Amaro Cocktail


the paper plane

It’s Fleet Week here in San Francisco, so we decided to watch the airshow from our rooftop deck and sip on Sam Ross’s Paper Planes, an Amaro cocktail made with Amaro, Aperol, and bourbon.

According to, Ross originally made the cocktail for Chicago’s The Violet Hour, another reason to love it! This is a simple refreshing equal parts cocktail that reminds us of grapefruit. We used Amaro Nonino Quintessentia from Friuli, italy (as suggested in the recipe) and we LOVE it! We plan to find or come up another Amaro cocktail. It’s SO good! Do you have an Amaro cocktail we should try? Let us know!

fleet week san francisco planes

Try the cocktail and show off your origami skills by making a paper plane garnishes. Here’s how:

The Paper Plane Cocktail Garnish
  • paper, 2 inch squares of paper
  • scissors
  • cocktail straws
  1. Fold paper into paper planes
  2. Cut a slit on one end of your cocktail straw
  3. Slide paper plane into slit
  4. Add to your glass

Get Recipe: The Paper Plane by Sam Ross via

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