Wine, Beer, and Bruschetta

This natural wine bar and bruschetta restaurant in Genova.


If you’re in Genova and looking for good wine and a hearty snack, head to Ai Troeggi Vino, Birra e Bruschetta  in the Centro Storico. These guys make the best bruschetta around. Huge flavorful slices of bread are toasted and topped with inventive combinations of fresh ingredients then sliced into strips. Our favorite bruschetta was the “Spuzzona” with Gorgonzola Dolce, Tabasco, arugula, and onions. We also tried the pesto (a must in Genova) and the Salsiccia di Norcia (Norcia has some of the best pork sausage around).

David, Federico, and Emanuele offer great food at an affordable price, served with a list of beer and mostly natural wines. They also own a wine shop around the corner, Ai Troeggi Enoteca. They’re always up for you to try something new and have great recommendations!

Troeggi Enoteca, Via Chiabrera, 61r, 16123 Genova GE, Italy


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