Where to Eat in Edinburgh: Borough

Roasted squash small plates at the best fine dining restaurant in Edinburgh, Borough in Scotland


Our favorite restaurants in the world share three key features; good food, high-quality service, and a relaxed atmosphere. If you’ve been to Michelin-starred restaurants, you are probably used to the first two, but the third often can fall flat, especially when you feel like you’re stuck in an awkward situation you can’t get out of and it’s so quiet you can hear a pin drop. Borough hit the nail on the head with their unpretentious approach to food, service, and atmosphere. A fine dining restaurant in the heart of Leith, Edinburgh’s up-and-coming portside neighborhood.


The Taste Edit eats at the best fine dining Edinburgh restaurant Borough in Scotland, try the guinea fowl with endive and apple


We walked in without a reservation late on a rainy night. The dining room was still half full, and even though there were no reservations available, they made a place for us at one of the tables. Talk about service. First out came pheasant prosciutto – when you are served something so inventive yet comforting as an amuse bouche, you know you’re going to have a great meal. This was followed by some of the most amazing salted butter and warm bread,

Borough’s small menu of shareable dishes – just the way we like it – was filled with seasonal ingredients like local Brussels sprouts, roasted squash, guinea fowl with endive and apples, and sea trout with cauliflower. Dinner finished with dessert and a cheese course that included a huge slice of Montgomery Cheddar from England. We asked restaurant manager Archie to pair Scotch whisky with the dessert courses, which was the perfect way to end dinner, and also an education in how Scotch can pair with food.


If you're looking for the best restaurant in Edinburgh, go to borough.
Cheese course and whisky at the best fine dining restaurant in Edinburgh, Borough in Scotland


We had such a wonderful experience that we went back to Borough for New Year’s Eve. We knew we wouldn’t be disappointed. They had the best lamb that night! We were in a bit of a rush to get back to the fireworks, so Chef Darren Murray sent us home with our cheese course – including an extra assortment of the best cheeses. The blue cheese had been soaked in elderflower liqueur. Edinburgh is one of our favorite destinations right now, and if you go, we highly recommend that you make a reservation at Borough so you don’t miss out on a truly special lunch or dinner.

Borough, 50-54 Henderson St, Edinburgh EH6 6DE, UK


The Taste Edit eats at the best fine dining Borough restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland

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