20 Questions with The Morris’s Paul Einbund

Expert Paul Einbund runs the popular San Francisco restaurant The Morris rThe kitchen at The Morris restaurant in San Francisco, view the kitchen where they crave some of the best duck in SF | thetasteedit.com #sanfrancisco #restaurant #interview


San Francisco food and wine expert, Paul Einbund is winemaker and owner of Sean Wines and now The Morris in San Francisco. Check out our visit to The Morris here. We wanted to find out more about Paul, so we asked him some questions to get to know more about him and find out some of his favorite spots in San Francisco.

Where were you born? Summit, New Jersey.

Coffee or Tea? Both and I can go into great detail on specifics!  But if it is between crappy coffee and crappy tea bags, I’d choose water…unless the water is gross then I’d do beer, even for breakfast.

Cream or Sugar? Neither….unless I somehow got roped into mediocre tea, in which case both.

Favorite Cocktail? Erik Adkins Mai Tai

or Thad Vogler’s Old Fashioned

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Tartine bread with French butter and June Taylor jam and really good farm eggs.

Favorite food you hate to admit? California rolls.

Favorite place you’ve visited? Ok this one is way too long for a single line answer….Tofino (Vancouver Island); Brittany, Normandy, Paris, Beaune (France); Ipoh (Malaysia).

What’s the best thing you’ve ever ate? Again, way too many to have just one – black rice at Il Farro in Cadiz, Spain; baby clams at Cal Pep Spain; Pitthiviere at Clown Bar Paris; razor clams at La Grenouillere in Normandy; fruit de mers at Olivier Roellenger in Brittany; chicken drippings with bread at Lummi Island.

Vodka or Gin? Calyx gin.

What’s a food you dislike? Saffron.

What’s at the top of your playlist right now? Nobody Speak from Run the Jewels and Down from Marian Hill.

What’s a favorite Instagram account you’re following right now? Evan Kinori who made our uniforms, his models are often his girlfriend and family members…so cool!

Favorite wine other than your own? Again a huge question….the Syrah’s of Benetiere.

Favorite wine region outside of California? Northern Rhone.

What’s your favorite restaurant in SF when you’re not at The Morris? Cala or Izakaya Yuzuki.

Where’s your favorite brunch spot in SF? Cala.

When you’re going to a party, what do you bring? Wine?

White or red? Yes.

When you’re not working, do you prefer to cook at home or eat out? Cook at home but I love eating out too so….problem is I’m always working.

If you were stranded on a desert island with only a bottle of Chartreuse or Madeira which would it be?Hahahahah jerks….

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