How to Pit Cherries

How to pit cherries, The Taste Edit


With cherry season upon us, we’re making everything from cherry tarts to cherry clafoutis. If you’re using fresh cherries, it’s important to know how to pit cherries. We wondered, what’s the best and easiest way to pit cherries? We decided to try a few common tricks out.

When you need a lot of cherries for a recipe, you definitely need to find the quickest way to pit the cherries. We’ve heard suggestions to use everything from toothpicks and paperclips to chopsticks and piping tips to push out the pits. The best way that we found to pit cherries was with our metal straws. In addition to being great for tall cocktails, especially in the spring and summer, they are the perfect size to push the pit out of the fruit while keeping the rest intact. We have limited space and generally don’t buy single-purpose kitchen gadgets, but if you prefer, you can get a special cherry pitter.

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