Industrial Eats

Industrial Eats is one of the coolest restaurant concepts we’ve seen in a long time, and it was a favorite restaurant on our trip through the Santa Ynez Valley. Located in Buellton in an industrial-chic complex of restaurants and wineries, this restaurant serves some of the freshest and best food we’ve ever had. They seriously need a cookbook!

Outside of Industrial Eats

The counter at Industrial Eats with owner Jeff Olsson

They have a fun eclectic vibe with the menu written on rolls of brown paper, jars of preserves for sale on the wall, and pillows decorating the place with different movie stars like Allan Rickman, Christopher Walken, and Nicholas Cage. We found the pillows and iPhone cases here.

Industrial Eats Beets with grilled tangerine, and garlic hummus

Fava beans and ricotta on toast at Industrial Eats

We stopped in for lunch and ordered the roasted beets and fava beans and ricotta on toast. The vegetables were so fresh and flavorful. A lot of people don’t like beets. If that’s you, try the recipe for roasted beets with a grilled tangerine and garlic hummus that the owners Jeff and Janet were kind enough to share here.

Industrial Eats case of meats to take away

At Industrial Eats you can buy and bring this home or have them cook it for you including meat, fish, and shellfish

One of the most interesting options at Industrial Eats is the cold cases up front, filled with an assortment of meats and cheeses. There are two prices on everything in the case, a carry-out price, and a dine-in price. If you choose to dine in, you can make a selection out of the case, have it cooked to order, and you get your choice of one of their delicious sides. When we say a side, its not the traditional chips or potato salad, we’re talking about things like the beets and fave beans we ate. We can’t wait to go back!

GET RECIPE: Roasted Beets with Grilled Tangerine and Garlic Hummus

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  1. Unbelievable EATS!!! I would love your Cauliflower recipe “PLEASE”… on the east coast so no worries….

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