Neal’s Yard Dairy Farmhouse Cheese Shop

The Taste Edit food and travel bloggers and photographers recommend going to Neal's Yard Dairy in London for the best local farmhouse cheeses.


Neal’s Yard Dairy is one of the best cheese shops in the world, and numerous friends suggested that a stop at one of their stores was a must on our recent trip to London. We stopped into their location in Neal’s Yard to pick up a few cheeses to bring home the next day.

Neal’s Yard Dairy works with around forty indpendent farmstead cheese makers in the U.K.  and Ireland. The company owns its own maturation facility and warehouse, where their cheese experts monitor the development of the cheeses over time and release them to their three stores and online shop at their peak.


Find the best cheese in London at Neal's Yard Dairy. The Taste Edit shares their favorite foodie stops in London.
Visit Neal's Yard Dairy cheese shop in London for the best cheese. The Taste Edit recommends it as a must visit spot.

Sarah Stanfield from The Taste Edit visits Neal's Yard Dairy to buy some of the best cheese in London with her Barbour coat.


You’ll find some of the most quintessentially British cheeses at Neal’s Yard Dairy, like Stilton, Stichelton, and artisanal cheddars. Their knowledgeable cheesemongers will help you make selections, and you can sample any of the cheeses on display. They also offer cheese classes.

Flying back with cheese turned out to be no problem. The cheesemonger told us that the cheeses are stored out in the open at the shop (just like you see them), so it’s not a problem for them to be out of the refrigerator for too long. We put them in the refrigerator in our hotel room over night and just carried them on the plane in a shopping bag. They made it back to California perfectly fine!

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