The Best Gelato in Trastevere: Otaleg

As recommended by local foodies, go to Otaleg for best gelato in Trastevere, Rome, The Taste Edit


There are more gelatarias in Rome than you can count. Many people know the historic gelateria Giolitti, but we wanted to find out where the locals go. We asked three locals who know food for their top picks for gelato in Trastevere; Natalie from An American in Rome, Livia from The Italy Edit, and Marina from Italy Segreta. The feedback was unanimous; Otaleg has the best gelato in Trastevere!

If you are not familiar with the layout of Rome, Trastevere is the neighborhood on the left bank of the Tiber that is popular with locals for its authentic food and atmosphere.

Otaleg is known for creating inventive, non-traditional flavors, but when we went during Covid there was a shorter list of more traditional flavors. Despite the circumstances and odd opening hours, the gelato was delicious and served with a smile! We tried the pistachio, chocolate made with Toscano Black 90% cocoa, stracciatella, and the plain vanilla custard. This gelateria isn’t your traditional over-the-top opulent ice cream shop. It’s sleek, modern, and minimalist. If you ever forget the name, just remember it’s gelato spelled backwards. The gelato is fabulous!

Otaleg, Via di S. Cosimato, 14a, 00153 Roma, Italy,  @otaleg.ragicioni