Birba’s Al Fresco Bar in Palm Springs

For some of the best pizza and al fresco dining in Palm Springs go to Birba, it's a place to be and be scene, The Taste Edit
Try Italian Greyhound cocktail at Birba's al fresco Bar in Palm Springs, The Taste Edit


We started our first night in Palm Springs at a fun, casual place downtown. We forgot to bring coats (it gets cold in the desert at night, but the weather while we were in town was unseasonably cold), but thankfully most restaurants have outdoor heaters on the patio.

If you’re visiting Palm Springs for the first time, be aware that many restaurants book up for the entire evening. So, rather than being told there is a long wait, it’s not uncommon to hear “We’re fully committed this evening.” Fortunately we happened upon two spots at the bar at Birba.

Birba is mostly outdoors, and when we arrived, the patio was completely full of people enjoying pizza and wine.  We happened to find two seats at the bar, and after ordering a round of cocktails and a charcuterie and cheese plate, we decided to stay for dinner.

We were really impressed with the food and drinks at Birba. We hate snakes, but their “Heated Snake” cocktail, which is a twist on a margarita with habanero infused simple syrup turned out to be our favorite cocktail. The Italian Greyhound was also a contender. The cocktails were so good, we were tempted to go back after our architectural walk for an aperitivo. We would have if we had time!


Birba's beet salad is outstanding, the perfect salad in Palm Springs, The Taste Edit
Try Birba's cacio e pepe brussels sprouts made with parmesan cheese, the perfect salad in Palm Springs, The Taste Edit

Visit Birba in Palm Springs- try cacio e pepe brussels sprouts made with parmesan cheese and the roasted chicken , The Taste Edit
Go to Birba in Palm Springs for the roasted chicken with capers, dates, olives, and lemon, The Taste Edit


Instead of getting pizza, we asked the bartender what he recommended. We started with a beet salad and finished with a perfectly roasted chicken with olives, capers, dates, and lemons, and Cacio e Pepe brussels sprouts. For a fun, casual dinner in Palm Springs, it doesn’t get any better than Birba. We can’t wait to go back next time we’re in town.

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