Fondue for Two at Gasthaus Hohwald

Stay warm at Gasthaus Hohwald the best restaurant in Klosters Switzerland


Located on a hill outside of downtown Klosters, Gasthaus Hohwald is a local hidden gem. We discovered it via the Michelin guide in our search for the best fondue in Switzerland. While there are several fondue options closer to the center of town, Gasthaus Hohwald is well worth the short trip out of town for a romantic lunch or dinner.

It’s a ten minute drive from Klosters Platz up to Gasthaus Hohwald. If you have a pass for the Klosters and Davos ski resorts, there’s a free bus that runs regularly. Taking the bus gives you the opportunity to enjoy as much delicious Swiss wine as you want without worrying about driving back.


Klosters Restaurant Gasthaus Hohwald is a cozy restaurant for a good warm lunch or dinner
Go to Gasthaus Hohwald Klosters Restaurant with a central fire to warm the room
Klosters Restaurant Hohwald serves warm bread with a variety of butters in Switzerland

Fondue for two at Gasthaus Hohwald in the alpine ski town of Klosters where billionaires


The restaurant is built around a central roaring fire. So, all of the tables in the restaurant have a view of the cozy fire, and it can be a bit warm if you’re next to it. The decor is what you’d expect from a typical Alpine lodge, but has a distinctly clean, modern vibe. The restaurant has a limited but very interesting bar so you can enjoy an apertivo while you peruse the menu, and the expansive wine list has an amazing selection of extremely high quality Swiss wines (side note: Swiss wine is excellent, you just don’t find it outside of Switzerland because the Swiss keep it for themselves).


Fondue for two at Klosters restaurant Gasthaus Hohwald is served with bread that is pre cut so it's easy to pull apart when having fondue.



When the weather is nice, Hohwald offers fondue on the patio, with heaters and sheepskin blankets to stay warm. It was snowing buckets when we visited, so we sat inside by the fire and celebrated Christmas morning with Champagne.

We persued the menu for informational purposes and future reference, but we came for fondue, so that’s what we ordered. Fondue was served with gherkins, pearl onions, bread, baby corns, potatoes, and pears. The server suggested a crisp Swiss white wine to go with the fondue. It was so good (and our lunch so extensive) we ordered another bottle.


Delicious Swiss Natural wine is served at Klosters Restaurant Hohwald with fondue for two
Find the best fondue in Klosters Switzerland at this restaurant with fondue for two

Fried dessert with vanilla bean ice cream at Gasthaus Hohwald Alpine Restaurant in Klosters Switzerland
Don't miss the fantastic desserts served at Hohwald in Klosters
Cozy up in the Klosters Restaurant Hohwald for dessert next to the fire


The other food being served and the desserts set around the fire were so tempting. We ordered two desserts to enjoy with espresso and a schnapps before heading back to town. We took a cue from our neighbors at the next table over and walked back. It’s about a 40 minute walk (but all downhill) and the scenery was gorgeous. You can find the recipe for their Kaiserschmarr dessert in Issue 2 of The Taste Edit’s digital magazine.

If you’re planning a holiday getaway to Klosters, Hohwald has a Christmas dinner that sounded incredible. We unfortunately heard about it too late, and it was completely booked, but we’d absolutely book it for next year!

Gasthaus Höhwald, Monbielerstrasse 171, 7250 Klosters-Serneus, Switzerland, +41 81 422 30 45


Best Restaurant in Klosters is Gasthaus Hohwald has the best fondue and food with a fabulous bar in Klosters


Hang up your coats, hats, and gloves and Cozy up in the Klosters Restaurant Hohwald for lunch or dinner



You'll want to hang up your coats, hats, and gloves and Cozy up in the Klosters Restaurant Hohwald for lunch or dinner



Klosters Restaurant Hohwald serves fondue for two outside when the weather is nice

Try the fried dough dessert at Hohwald Alpine Restaurant in Klosters Switzerland