Get wine shipped to your doorstep, send one to a friend, or host a virtual happy hour. Introducing an exclusive selection of rare wines curated by The Taste Edit and Ceri Smith (Food & Wine 2014 sommelier of the year), and imported by Terra Firma Wine Company to support our friends in Italy.

You might not be able to travel to Italy right now, but we can all support the artisan wine producers in Italy while enjoying amazing wines.

If you’re like us, you’re probably cooking a lot at home right now. These wines are easy to drink and go with simple comfort foods like pasta, pizza, chili, chicken dishes, and more.

These wines are from very small Italian wine producers, so their numbers are limited. Several are available in the U.S. for the first time.

Let’s all keep Italy in our hearts and minds, and continue to eat and drink good food and wine. Wash your hands, stay home, and cin cin!

Winemaker Elio Sandri in Barolo gives us a tour of his small production natural wine winery

3 Pack - $120


Keep your spirits bubbly. 3 producers, 3 very different bubbles. We like to think of it as Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner... 

Ca dei Zago ‘Col Fondo’ 2018 (100% Glera aka Prosecco), Veneto
Prosecco that you’ll love. Unfined, unfiltered, unadulterated goodness fermented in the bottle with ZERO sugars added. This is like no other prosecco you have ever had.

Castello di Stefanago Ancestrale Blanc de Blancs Metodo Classico (Chardonnay, Riesling, and Müller), Lombardy
High on a hill in Lombardy there is a castle. In this castle, there lives the Baruffaldi family, they have been making certified organic wine for over 30 years! Their Ancestrale Metodo Classico is the ‘ancestrale method’ which means the entire fermentation takes place in the bottle. (See our visit to the winery.)

Nicola Gatta Ombra Cuvée Brut 30 Lune (80% Chardonnay / 20% Pinot Nero), Lombardy
Nicola is technically in the Franciacorta zone, but stepped away from the consorzio to create his wine. He uses native yeasts for fermentation (very rare to do so) and zero added sulfites. Pure mind blowing bubbles, Gatta’s wine can rival the best of French grower Champagne!

6 Pack - $150


You'll receive two of each of the below everyday food-friendly drinking wines:

Castello di Stefanago ‘Aro’ Bianco 2018 (Riesling Renano, Müller Thurgau & Traminer), Lombardy
This aromatic dry white wine from Castello di Stefanago (see Bubble Box for winery info) is a blend of aromatic grapes - don’t be afraid of the Riesling listed in there, it’s far from being sweet... the aroma is like an orchard of oranges in bloom, with crisp, racy fresh acidity. All stainless fermentation, no oak.

Cascina Gasparda ‘Vecchie Radici’ 2016 (100% Grignolino), Piedmont
Roberto Salvaneschi’s family estate in the Monferrato hills work with the once forgotten grapes of the area, Grignolino is such a fun wine because it is lighter bodied but serious. It’s dangerous though because once you open the bottle... it disappears too quickly.

Carussin ‘Asinoi’ Barbera d’Asti 2017 (100% Barbera), Piedmont
Bruna Ferro and her family are a testament to organic farming (for generations). In addition to great wines, Bruna has a team of therapy donkeys for children with learning disabilities, her sons Luca and Matteo help Amazonian rainforests from proceeds of their wine (and husband Luigi helps other winemakers in their area.) Their wines are loved across Italy - the Asinoi, which you’ll try is a Barbera d’Asti that has structure and texture that will pair with every type of dish, and every type of person.

3 Pack - $200


There are wines that you drink to simply enjoy - and there are wines that you drink to make you think. These are the wines that the moment you release the cork from the bottle, the spell is cast. We have a selection for you of 3 serious wines from 3 serious producers, including an impossible to find Barolo:

Cascina Disa | Elio Sandri Barolo Perno 2014 (100% Nebbiolo), Piedmont
One of the most sought after Barolo producers most people have never heard of. Elio is a genuine master. His wines have vitality, energy and a purity of life that comes from his land that is treated with love and respect of nature. They are impossible to find in Italy and we are fortunate to be able to offer them to you today. These wines are not to be missed.  (See our visit to the winery.)

Fattoria di Lamole by Paolo Socci, Antico Lamole ‘Le Viti de Livio’ Chianti Classico 2013 (100% Sangiovese), Tuscany
The family roots trace back to 1071. Paolo, now in his 70’s, is rebuilding the ancient terraces (by hand) of vineyards with Alberello staked vines of sangiovese, a difficult feat in the ancient days and harder now since the art of the terrace has almost been lost. Paolo, “il Professore'' as we call him, is our hero in Chianti, He’s known as the “Winemakers Winemaker”

Piergraziano Sanna, Sannas ‘Bobotti+‘ 2017 (100% Cannonau), Sardinia
High in the hills of Sardinia, smack in the middle of the island is the small town of Mamoiada. Here, you will find Pier (to his friends) and his vineyards of Cannonau. Pier is a “true garagiste”. He does not have a large fancy winery full of equipment, his winery is the size of a two car garage. However, what he makes in that garage... is magic, pure magic. His vines are old, 100+ years old. He does everything by hand - and by foot, stomping the grapes himself, and his wines are sought after by the top Michelin restaurants across Italy.

12 Pack - $390


The Lombardy Box is a selection of wines from one of the hardest hit zones of the Coronavirus.

When people think of Italian wine, usually thoughts turn to Tuscany, Piedmont or now maybe Etna in Sicily. Lombardy is one of the most diverse regions for wine production, yet often overlooked. It spans from Oltrepo Pavese (about 1.5hr south of Milan) to the Franciacorta area (near Bergamo) for sparkling wines, to the extremely steep, mountainous northern area of Valtellina bordering on Switzerland for their version of ‘barolo’ called Chiavennasca (Nebbiolo) in their area.

We dedicate this collection to the talented friends, winemakers, people of Lombardy. Forza Italia.

1 bottle of Nicola Gatta ‘Quattrocento’ Extra Brut 40 Lune (80% Chardonnay / 20% Pinot Nero)
To start, we have Nicola Gatta’s (see Bubbles Box for winery information) Metodo Classico wine, which is Extra Brut (driest of dry, zero dosage) sparkling that captures the terroir of his land (the Franciacorta zone) with structure and elegance.

2 bottles of Tenuta Belvedere ‘WAI Pet Nat’ Rose 2018 (100% Pinot Nero)
3 bottles of Tenuta Belvedere Pinot Grigio 2018 (100% Pinot Grigio)
Next we introduce you to Gianluca Cabrini and his wines of Tenuta Belvedere in the Oltrepo Pavese hills. Gianluca makes a fun, fresh, fizzy wine of 100% pinot nero that is cloudy, unfiltered goodness called WAI - why not? (*the cloudiness comes from the ‘lees’, aka skins of the grapes, is where all the nutrients and antioxidants live) It’s delicious, and then you have a Pinot Grigio that is different than most Pinot Grigios, this one has the rich texture of a piece of nubby raw silk.

1 bottle of Fausto Andi ‘Poderosa’ Rosato 2018 (100% Barbera)
Fausto Andi is impossible to explain in words, the man is like a vine himself. He treats his vineyards and winemaking the way he would want to be treated if he were the vine. The wines of Fausto are wild, ALIVE, and like no other wines we’ve ever had, they are truly spellbinding and unforgettable. His son, Augusto, who at 21, is working with his father to become the 5th generation of family winemaking at the estate.

2 bottles of Pietro Selva ‘Rosso Alpi Retiche Selvatico’ IGT 2016 (100% Chiavennasca aka Nebbiolo)
Now, we head north to the Valtellina to the wines of Pietro Selva. Pietro is another -miniscule- producer. Less than 300 cases made. In his land, the vines hang on the steepest cliffs of the alps bordering Switzerland. Larger wineries in the area use helicopters to bring the harvested grapes into the winery. Chiavennasca (Nebbiolo) is the king here and much like its neighboring brother in Piedmont, the wines are elegant, structured, age worthy wines that are full of grace.

3 bottles of Castello di Stefanago, Stefanago Croatina 2013 (100% Croatina)
We finish this case by heading back to the castle high on the hill at Castello di Stefanago. In addition to making incredible sparkling and white wines, the family also produces a wine from their native red grape: Croatina. The wine looks like the darkest black cherry colored velvet. While being a deep and intense wine, it is still light on its feet with a cord of brightness running through it, like the tapestries you imagine once hung inside the castle, now arriving in your glass.  (See our visit to the winery.)

All selections are considered "Natural" wines - good, fresh and delicious (not funky). If you fall in love with a wine and want to order more, send us an email.

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