Chesa Veglia St. Moritz

Don't miss the historic and famous Chesa Veglia restaurants in St Moritz including a pizzeria offering pizza covered in truffles | #travel #switzerland #stmoritz


We planned our holiday travels at the last minute, so most of the hotels in the ski resorts were sold out. Many of the families who have been going to Swiss ski resorts for years have their rooms booked far in advance. We stayed in Klosters and took a day trip to St Moritz by train. You’re underdressed in St. Moritz if you aren’t wearing a fur.

We didn’t have time to see all of the over-the-top glamour of St. Moritz, but we had lunch at one of the most special restaurants in town, Chesa Veglia. It’s located in a farmhouse just above the famous Badrutt’s Palace.


Try the table side beef tartar at the Chesa Veglia the best St Moritz restaurant | #travel #switzerland #stmoritz
The best steak tartar customized and created table side at the Chesa Veglia the best St Moritz restaurant | #travel #switzerland #stmoritz #beef

steak tartar is served with toast and a side of fries at Chesa Veglia St Moritz restaurant | #travel #switzerland #stmoritz


Lunch in Switzerland starts closer to 1pm. We arrived a bit early so we arrived to an empty dining room, however, it filled up in no time with couples, families, and friends. Patrizier Stuben at Chesa Veglia offers a pre-fix lunch menu, but we chose some off-menu items, and the Chesa Veglia team created the best steak tartare we’ve ever had. Prepared and served tableside, Chesa Veglia’s steak tartare is customized to the guest’s taste, including horseradish, cognac, and Worcestershire sauce, served with toast and fries.


Request the table side steak tartar at this famous St Moritz restaurant customized with cognac, horseradish, and more | #travel #switzerland #stmoritz #beef
Try Chesa Veglia's porcini ravioli at St Moritz restaurant topped with butter and parmesan | #travel #switzerland #stmoritz

Tajarin topped with 30 grams of cheese and truffles at this St Moritz restaurant | #travel #switzerland #stmoritz #pasta
Finish your meal at Chesa Veglia with a delightful plate of chocolates | #travel #switzerland #stmoritz


Since St. Moritz is close to Italy, we noticed more people speaking Italian and a corresponding heightened level of service. We’ve been really missing Piedmont and its amazing truffles and wine. Sure enough, Chesa Veglia had a tajarin topped with 30 grams of cheese and truffles, as well as an extensive selection of northern Italian wines.

In the evening, Patrizier Stuben is open for dinner. Or visit their pizzeria, famous for truffle-topped pizza or the more formal Grill Chafdafo.

Chesa Veglia, Via Veglia 2, 7500 St. Moritz, Switzerland Note: Badrutt’s Palace provided support for the reporting of this story.