Ducksoup’s Pork Collar Under Oil

Make this simple pork recipe with olive oil, capers, garlic, and more from Ducksoup in London.


While visiting Ducksoup in Soho (our new favorite restaurant and natural wine bar in London), one of our most memorable dishes was the pork collar under oil appetizer. Fortunately, the restaurant was kind enough to share how they make it.

Made simply with oil and capers, this easy appetizer is served with crusty bread and is the perfect starter or even light meal. If you can’t find pork collar from your butcher, we’d recommend trying another slow-cooking cut like pork shoulder.

For even more Ducksoup recipes that are simple and seasonal, order their cookbook online here. We loved the restaurant so much, we added ours to our Amazon cart from their wine bar.

Pork Collar Under Oil
  • Pork Collar or Shoulder
  • Salt
  • Olive Oi
  • Lemon Zest
  • Garlic
  • Bay Leaves
  • Capers
  1. Cure (or marinate) your pork collar in salt, garlic, and lemon zest for at least six hours.
  2. Remove from the refrigerator and braise the meat for three hours (the pork is not browned before braising, so we would suggest braising in white wine).
  3. Pull apart the meat and Infuse the meat in olive oil with garlic, capers, and bay leaves.



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