Monteraponi Chianti Tasting at Biondivino

Montreponi is the best chianti wine around from Tuscany, The Taste Edit


We recently visited our favorite Chianti producer, Monteraponi. We discovered Monteraponi from Ceri Smith at Biondivino. We never particularly liked Chianti until Ceri suggested we try this one. We fell in love with it, and made a visit to the winery a priority on our last trip to Italy. While staying in Florence, we drove the 50 minutes to Monteraponi. We’ll be sharing more details about the winery later.

According to Ceri, “Monteraponi is synonymous with the beauty of what Chianti Classico can produce, when handled correctly – unlike so many others in the market today – they are truly unique.”

If you’re in San Francisco, you can meet Michele and Alessandra from Monteraponi on Tuesday, June 6, from 6-8pm at Biondivino. They will be pouring the Monteraponi Trebbiano 2015 ($49), Monteraponi Chianti Classico 2014 ($29), Monteraponi Riserva Campitello 2013 ($55), and Monteraponi Riserva Baron Ugo 2011 ($85).  The tasting fee is $15, but the fee is waived for wine club members. We’ll be there for sure.

If you’re not in the Bay Area, Biondivino ships! Purchase these wines online and have your own tasting party at home.

Hear Ceri Smith and Randall Graham talk more about Chianti below.


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