Plum Galette

As summer winds down we’ve been finding amazing stone fruit at the market. We’ve been buying a lot of plums and pluots lately. They’re a great snack on their own, and baking is great way to use ones that are slightly over-ripe. If you have other stone fruit you’d like to use, you can toss them in as well.

Rustic Plum stone fruit galette for brunch by The Taste Edit

Galettes are great because they aren’t too fussy. They’re totally free form and don’t have to be perfect. There’s also no pre-baking the crust or pie weights involved. We made this galette and had it for breakfast. It was delicious.

This Plum stone fruit galette for brunch by The Taste Edit
The Taste Edit made a rustic Plum stone fruit galette

We use this pie dough recipe with this butter for both our sweet and savory pies and tarts. Clayton is truly the baker in our family, and he usually mixes pie dough by hand. You can also use a butter knife or a pastry blender if you prefer. We always like to have a lot of clean bowls on hand in the kitchen, and a really large mixing bowl is great for mixing pie dough so you don’t end up with flour all over the counter. We love these and these. Silpats are a must in the kitchen, and they are what keeps the galette from sticking when the plum juices inevitably get on the baking sheet during baking.

The Taste Edit slices their rustic Plum stone fruit galette

We served our galette on a tart platter that we brought back from Ravello, Italy. Our favorite ceramic shop there creates a beautiful peacock pattern. We love this Tiffany & Co cake server. It was a wedding gift from our Auntie Ree. We always love having the opportunity to use it to serve guests and think of her whenever we use it.

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Plum Galette
  • 1 recipe of pie crust dough (see here)
  • 3-5 plums, cored and cut into long slices
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 1 egg
  1. Roll out the dough. Once it's rolled out use a large pan lid or a standard sized dinner plate rim down on the dough, and cut around the plate to create a perfect circle.
  2. Gently toss the plums in sugar and then arrange them on the pastry, leaving at least 2 inches around the edge.
  3. Fold the crust inwards about every inch (over the fruit) slightly overlapping the last fold.
  4. Brush the crust with a beaten egg. Bake in 375°F oven for 30-45 minutes until it's golden.


HINT: Try laying down once large piece of plastic wrap on your surface, then the dough, then a second large on top. Now you can roll out your dough evenly. When baking we prefer to use European style butter. This has a higher percentage of butterfat. Regular butter tends to have more water. Try it. It makes a difference!

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