The Best Bars Around the World for a Negroni

Cocktails at Caffe Torino in Torino, Italy


Are you a Negroni lover? Negronis are a simple cocktail made of Campari, Gin, and Vermouth. For as simple as they are, we’ve had some outstanding ones and some big misses.

The worst Negroni I’ve ever had was a few years ago at a historic saloon. I should have ordered a whiskey on the rocks or a beer, but I noticed a Negroni was listed on the cocktail list. I thought, sure let’s see how this goes. Bad decision. It was made with Chambord (raspberry liqueur) instead of Campari.

The best Negronis we’ve ever had are made at home and at the best bars in the world. Here are a few you won’t want to miss.


Caffè Torino, Torino

Historic Martini sign in Torino at Caffe Torino in Torino Italy
Visit the historical cafe torino a must classical bar in torino


Torino is the birthplace of vermouth, so Caffè Torino is a must on our list. It’s one of the many historical bars of Torino. It’s located on the Piazza San Carlo, so if it’s a nice day you can sit on the square and people watch or opt for a seat inside in the winter. They have the ultimate apertivo bar with all kinds of snacks to go with your Negroni, plus a case full of sweets.

Caffè Torino, Piazza S. Carlo, 204, 10121 Torino, Italy


Dante, New York City

Negroni at Dante in New York City - historic greenwich village bar photo by Sarah Stanfield of The Taste Edit
Order a negroni at the negroni bar Dante in New York, photo by Sarah Stanfield of The Taste Edit


The Negroni menu at Dante in Greenwich Village is extensive and includes a Negroni on tap, a white Negroni, and a coffee Negroni, among others. There’s really something for everyone, including martinis and tinned fish for snacking at this historic New York bar. Don’t miss the live music often on Friday afternoons.

Dante, 79-81 Macdougal St, New York, NY 10012


Bar Basso, Milan

Visit Bar Basso in Milan, where the Negroni spagliato was invented
Visit Bar Basso in Milan, where the Negroni spagliato was invented


If you’re in Milan, where Campari was born, head to the birthplace of the Sbagliato, or the mistaken Negroni. Chat with Bar Basso owner, Maurizio. He might let you in on a few cocktail secrets. Not only do they make a mean Negroni, but don’t miss out on the sbagliato and martini. Just outside the city center, this dark wood bar with long drapes is a must in Milan.

Bar Basso, Via Plinio, 39, 20020 Milano, Italy


Born and Raised, San Diego

Making a classic negroni at Born and Raised in San Diego's little italy, The Taste Edit, Sarah Stanfield
Decor at Born and Raised in San Diego's Little Italy rooftop bar


Find a seat at this rooftop bar in San Diego’s Little Italy for a proper Negroni. Reminiscent of an Italian bar, it’s complete with glitz and glamour. Born and Raised’s list of classic cocktails, including their Negroni, are on point. Stay for an old-fashioned steak dinner and they might roll out the martini cart for you.

Born and Raised, 1909 India St, San Diego, CA 92101


Barnacle, Seattle

Try a negroni or aperol spritz at The Barnacle in Seattle one of the best bars by Renee Erickson - by Sarah Stanfield, Photo take by The Taste Edit
Seattle one of the best bars, The Barnacle, offers a wide variety of tinned fish with cocktails and Italian wine - by Sarah Stanfield, Photo take by The Taste Edit


This Italian apertivo bar serves Negronis along with tinned fish and octopus carpaccio. A tiny bar located in the back of a Seattle warehouse serves a balanced Negroni along with other Italian cocktails and natural wines. The Barnacle is the perfect place for an apertivo before dinner at The Walrus and Carpenter.

Barnacle, 4743 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107


Bar Termini, London

Get a cocktail at bar termini in London on of the best bars in the world


You’ll feel like you stepped off the streets of London and walked into Italy at Bar Termini. The waiters are all Italian, wear white jackets, and serve a list of premixed Negronis, chilled, and filled to the brim of a Nick and Nora glass. Choose from the classico, bianco, superiore, rosato,  or robusto. They also serve a list of classic Italian cocktails and coffee.

Bar Termini. 7 Old Compton St, Soho, London